What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy focuses on a child’s “occupation”.   A child’s main occupation is development.  Children learn through developmental milestones how to interact with people and objects within their environment. Difficulties in the ability to interact with their environment affect overall function.  Occupational therapy addresses many areas of development including: fine motor skills, self-care skills, sensory processing, developmental play skills, and social skills. The occupational therapists at Pediatric Hands on Therapy, PC use a child centered, play based approach to improve a child’s ability to interact with their environment. Therapy takes place across all settings including home, schools, daycares and at our outpatient therapy clinic.  Pediatric occupational therapy is family centered and family education is an important factor in successful intervention.  Our occupational therapists offer a variety of specialized therapy services:

  • Evaluations
  • Treatment Plans
  • Consultation
  • Sensory Diets
  • Parent and Caregiver Education
  • Handwriting Evaluation and Treatment
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • SOS Feeding Therapy®
  • Neurodevelopmental Treatment
  • Therapeutic Listening®
  • Wilbarger Brushing Protocol®
  • Beckman Oral Motor Evaluation Protocol®
  • Handwriting Without Tears®